Are the Envato Elements files as updated as the other Envato Markets?

Are the Envato Elements files as updated as the other Envato Markets?

I know that not everything from the other Envato Markets are available to Envato Elements, but, if a file exist in for example GraphicRiver and Elements, are they the same file?

Are the updated equally? In other words, if the GraphicRiver file is updated today, is the Elements file immediately updated as well, so as when you download it again after the update (lets say 5 minutes after), will it be the same file?

Thanks for all the replies.

GraphicRiver is part of Envato Market - Envato Market have nothing to do with Elements. They are two separated markets.

for example - I can Upload item on the Graphicriver and on the Elements, I can update item on the Market but I don’t have to do same on the Elements.

Separated markets :slight_smile:

So Elements files are just watered down, outdated files from other Envato Markets?

That is very disappointing!

no no no

Elements is just separated market from the Envato Markets. Files on the element can be updated any time - even faster than on the regular Envato Markets - but keep in mind Elements is separated from Regular Envato Markets.

Envato elements is very professional platform as Envato Market - but you need to understand that Market is separated from Elements. Do not connect this two markets :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies!

Yes I did mention it on my first post, I do know that they are different markets.

But my question is that if they “source” the file from the same server.

In other words, if for example an exact HTML theme is on Themeforest and also on Envato Elements, if you download on Elements, it will be the same file as on Themeforest.

As updated as Themeforest…

Know what I mean?

no, items are uploaded separately and this is up to Author decision. He can upload items he have on the market but he can also upload new items which are not on the market (Envato Market Places). :slight_smile:

no at all. :slight_smile: I will explain you this. For example you bought item on themeforest - you can have updates and help service on this item from author. On elements you can download item and that’s it, no help and service. Only help on Elements you can get is from Elements Support Stuff.

Clear now? :slight_smile:

I will try to “help” a little bit more about HTML and WordPress on Elements and ThemeForest.

For now, authors on Elements can have HTML and WordPress themes which are already on ThemeForest - we can’t upload any new HTML/WP which are not already on our profile/portfolio on ThemeForest. That obvious mean - the same files are on ThemeForest and on Elements.

But, when we update the theme on ThemeForest, the latest files are not automatically added on Elements until we don’t click manually to get the last version also on Elements (to synchronize files).
So, you can get in situation that on ThemeForest is last version for example 2.2 for some item and on Elements is version 2.1 because the author has forgot to “update” (to synchronize files - one click).

Thanks for the replies guys.

I thought it would have been a good idea if the files were the same, just the files, not the support and extras if you know what I mean.

That whole “needs to synchronise” thing is very counter-intuitive!

PS: Is there any way to know on Elements if a file is outdated? Most dont even have version notes, etc…

I don’t know for other items, but probably you can check for WordPress themes. Download the theme from Elements and open style.css file and on start will be a version of that theme. Compare that with change log on ThemeForest and you will see if you have the last version (I know, this is hard - manually way, but I don’t see any other option for this).

Authors on Elements have an option to synchronize items with the market so yes majority of files if updated on the market will become the same file on Elements.

Thanks for all the helpful replies.

Although I wish Envato made the “sync” automatic, because I am pretty sure that authors will forget to sync the files.

this is available now? or you request a new function?
Authors can sync files from Envato markets now?