Are stems allowed?

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Going over the file prep guidelines, it notes that “You should not include exported stems from the main track (e.g. bassline only) as these are not considered variations”.

I’m wondering if this means only if I call it a variation? As I know a lot of people who buy music for media like stems for editing, I just find it weird that they wouldn’t allow stems.

Would love some clarification.


Stems as such are not allowed AFAIK - they are not considered variations.

I believe the main line of reasoning here is that every variation or version of a track should ”work on its own”, i.e. not require any additional mixing or tinkering by the client.

AudioJungle is not a ”stem library” but rather a ”track library”, I guess it boils down to general branding and customer expectations, along with reviewer guidelines looking to focus on stand-alone commercial viability of each piece of music.


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Thanks heaps for your reply, appreciate it!

On another note, do you think it would be acceptable to upload a 24bit file along with a 16bit? Or nah?


16 bit only:

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Great idea, thank you!

Hey again mate,

yeah this is what I was getting confused on.

So just to make sure I’m going to be uploading correct, in my zip I have the following: 16bit WAV, MP3 version, information.txt with length and bpm etc, and a thank you note.

Is this ok?

Appreciate your help.

Looks good to me!

Good luck :sunglasses: