Are projects frequently rejected when they are based on .Net & C#?

I have a couple of projects I am considering listing on CodeCanyon. When I search in CodeCanyon for projects that are using Asp.Net, .Net, C#, Xamarin for example, I get about 800+ projects. If I search for WordPress, there are 1000’s of projects for sale. Why is that? I am looking into CodeCanyon as a sales channel but it does not seem to have a large .Net related audience. Are there efforts to gain a larger .Net audience for the platform? When I sort the search results by best sellers, there are very few sales for these related projects. Also, with the search if you put in the term “C#” with the # symbol, no results are returned. This makes me wonder if Envato is “burying” .Net & C# related projects, making them less eligible for sales. I thought I’d point that out. Do I submit that as bug to the Envato help desk? I think it would improve the platform overall but maybe there is some alternative strategy or partnership that is preventing Microsoft technologies from being promoted here. I don’t know, I just don’t understand the logic.