Are project approval rules the same for elite authors and normal authors?

I recently did a project on racism protests. It was approved, but I had to change the name that was “Black Lives Project” and had used some phrases that I saw in photos about the protest, such as “all lives matter” and I was instructed to change both the name of the project and the texts he had done as an example. But today I found a project by an elite author whose logo reveal project was “Black Lives Matter”, my question is because I could not use any direct reference to the American black movement and an elite author can use the name directly linked To this?

Yes they follow the same strict rules for every author. Whoever you are if your project does not meet strict guidelines they will not approve your project

I can provide you an item link of an elite author which uses a black listed word in the tag and the item title contains a word which is forbidden to use by Envato. I didn’t know the the black listed word used in my item, it got rejected withing hours. I am 100% sure Envato has different policy for elite authors though they say there is nothing like that.

Can you tell me why i couldn’t use “black lives project” and he can use “black lives matter”?

This is really strange … this same project I’m referring to has a very low quality, it doesn’t seem to correspond to the work of an elite author.

The “elite” badge has some strange powers I guess.

I don’t think it has something to do with the Elite status.

I searched for “black lives matter” on VideoHive and I see 42 projects from Elite and non-Elite authors having the “black lives matter” expression in the item name. But before and after this expression in their title there is another descriptive expression/word.

Most probably your item name was rejected because of the “project” word. The expression “black lives project” sounds a bit weird.

I’m almost sure that if you rephrase it a bit, it will be accepted (if the other quality standards are met, of course)