Are prices going down again?

Recently I have noticed that similar style, quality, and length templates to ones I have uploaded a few months ago are priced at 8 or 10$ less. I have noticed the same thing over most of the templates on videohive. Are new items being priced less?

I think if this is the case this is creating an inequality between old and new templates, which in the long run can hurt the market. What are your thoughts?

Prices are not going down. If you ever feel that your items have not been priced accordingly, please contact support for a review.

Regardless of what MotionRevolver said, In my opinion, prices are going down, yes. Mostly in the $22-$33 range of items. It’s not just some items that have been priced wrong, it’s the complete pricing structure that is used that is going down.

Most of the time, an item that is priced $22 today is comparable with $28 dollar items approved a year ago.

It may not feel like it to reviewers as they are slowly seeing the quality rise that is the current standard of videohive and therefore they may judge today’s items by another standard not just in the question of approval, but also in price.

Imo, prices are going downwards. However, to be fair, it was like that since I joined videohive.

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Exactly, I am talking about the whole market ingeneral., not about my items, since if I request a price change on my item, then my item will be priced higher when compared to the market, and it will be negatively impacted.

A few months ago I uploaded a timeline it costs 28$ and sells well. Nowadays company timelines from all authors are being priced at around 22$. This is the same for many other products, such as titles, etc.

I feel that as the time goes by to get a good price tag you have to add more and more, and your item wont be priced decently unless its a huge pack. I mean a short while ago a simple minimal logo reveal would cost 8$ to 12$. Now a pack of 30 logos costs 17$, when a short while ago a pack of 5 logos would cost more then 20$.

Instead of increasing the price of the higher end products the price of the normal products is being effected.

Its not about any of my specific products, but ingeneral, things that used to cost a certain amount seem to be priced much lower today. Just to name one example, for instance a logo pack, which a few months ago a pack containing 5 - 8 simple logos would cost around 28. Nowadays packs of 30 are being uploaded, priced at just 17$.

If prices appear to be trending downward, it’s likely due to the overall quality and complexity of projects being much lower than in recent years. (i.e. the recent deluge of simple slideshow projects)

I’ve been a reviewer at Videohive for 4 years, and have never seen so many “simple” “minimalistic” projects.

Now, I’m not blaming authors in any way for creating such simple projects. Frankly, it’s the opposite. Authors are simply adjusting to the market and following what’s lucrative. These sorts of basic projects and slideshow templates are what’s currently selling best amongst our customer base.

What’s more, modern graphic design as a whole has been trending toward a simpler look for years, and it has long since saturated the motion graphics world as well. It’s what clients want, and it’s what’s currently cool.

We still do have a handful of authors (see: Pixflow) creating top-notch, high-quality work that always justifies the highest price points that Videohive allows.

But in general, you’re probably correct in your assumption that prices are falling, but it’s not because reviewers are setting lower prices, rather, authors are submitting simpler projects that don’t qualify for higher prices points.

Hey Motionrevolver,

I guess we have to agree to disagree here. :slight_smile:
Although the trend goes to more minimalistic items, that is not what I mean with prices going down. When I said comparable project in my last post, I meant it.

There are dozens of items that can show clearly the decrease in prices in comparison to 1-2 years ago. I created threads about that earlier, but I honestly cannot be bothered anymore to give you a lot of examples just to prove a point that isn’t going to change anyway. So instead, I just use my time to create more logo projects that luckily seem to have a minimum price :slight_smile:

Just one example: My Quick Logo Sting Packs show a good example of how prices decreased. The first pack is priced at $33 containing 14 super simple animations.
The 9th pack approved few months ago is priced at $28 while containing 14 more complex particle animations. And that is only with me asking for $28, might have been $22 instead.
There is a logo pack with 50 (!) animations by another author in comparable or greater complexity than my first pack, yet is priced lower than my pack ($28 )

Hi Tobi,

I’m not really trying to argue any point really, other than has been no conscious decision or directive instructing reviewers to price projects at lower levels.

Regarding your comparison of logo projects, please don’t think that higher quantities equates to higher prices. Just because a project contains a pack of 50 logo animations doesn’t technically mean it’s worth more than a pack that contains only 25. As you know, there are many factors that go into determining the price of a project.

As I mentioned in my first response, if you ever feel that your projects are priced too low, we are always happy to re-review the price to determine if they should be higher.

We’d love for all pricing to be consistent as possible, so we encourage you to contact us to make sure a project is price appropriately.

If my post came out too agressive, sorry about that, I honestly believe that reviewers are not decreasing prices on purpose, it’s a normal development with human subjectivity involved and reviewers seeing more complex and higher quality works every month. It’s just natural to adjust the own sense of pricing with the quality rising every day.

So I’m not really arguing here, I don’t blame you guys for doing it, but it is clear to me that it is happening, for that I just need to take a look at the market.

Higher complex logo animations, and more of them, should never equate to lower prices. Don’t know what other factors you guys are using, but better and more should never equate to lower price. Just saying. Maybe same price, if there is a maximum price, but never lower.

As Neuron mentioned in his reply, and I agree on that, we don’t want to increase our prices to be in line with the old items, because the whole market is priced down, and we want to stay competitive.

Again, I’m not blaming you reviewers to do this on purpose, but it is clear that it is happening by looking at the market. Maybe we just have to disagree, but I will not deny what I see in front of my eyes when looking at videohive prices.

I agree about decreasing pricing. But i can say that few times i got similiar projects which were accepted with higher prices. I think there are two reasons of outpricing: overall projects quality is rising, so prices are going down compare to older projects and second is new reciewiers which could simply make