Are Photos moving to Twenty20? Low quality images there

I feel like everyday we find less photos in
It seems they are moving to Twenty20, and not the opposite (Twenty20 joining elements).
The problem that I face is that Twenty20 seems to be much worse than the photos I used to find in Elements. They look like free photos we find in sites like or

Am I the only one with this feeling?

Hi @r-martins! We’re definitely not moving our regular photo content across to Twenty20, though adding Twenty20 to Elements subcriptions has dramatically increased the total number of pictures available.

Photos in the Elements library continue growing (currently around by 30k items each month). Are there particular niches or keywords that you aren’t finding enough good quality options for? I can pass that on to our Content teams.

I agree with @r-martins. Quality at Twenty20 very low, most photos looks like very outdated. I try to find sorting by date, to browse new photos, but can’t this option. Mayebe sorting by date can help to find photos with good quality.