are my tracks any good?

Hi, i’d love to become a music composer and and maybe start selling here on Audiojungle. And here is a thing, are my tracks any good? Can you give me a feedback on these three tracks,please? They are my first attempt to compose in a style of jingles or advertising music. Please any thoughts, be hard on me, id like to become better composer.

here is the link

thank you for your time of reviewing it

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sorry me again here is the other links

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Well, I dont now.
They sounds interesting, I difenetly hear modern inspiration/corporate sound with some 80-90s infulence. I am not sure if this would be approved here. But, give a try for sure :wink:

I really like Lets Go and Inspiration Move, Uke pass for me, I have heard dozen similar tracks here.

Good luck.

nice sound - nice compositions, I think it will be approved because it’s the typical sound you hear on the jungle

thank you very much. means a lot to me

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thank you thank you

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I’ve been uploading some songs and they’ve been rejected. So I took a bit off a AJ and worked on my new album, where I found some new sound.

My question is - do you think this kind of production could pass here on AJ?

Here’s a link: