Are my submissions not a good fit for Envato (hard rejections)?

I was encouraged to join GraphicRiver with the thought that my work is unlike most that is offered on this marketplace. I prepared three things I already had to test the waters, and all three were rejected! Are they looking for more vectorized, graphic things? They were all hard rejections saying “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. The images were high resolution, large enough - i have to guess it was the content. What are users visiting the site looking for? What do they use the images for?
These are the images I uploaded (along with layered .pdfs):

Thank you everyone!

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They look beautiful to me. Would be perfect for a children’s website or a school one!


Yes – I think your artwork would be more fitting in PhotoDune which they’ve stopped acceptiing new uploads in.
GraphicRiver, at least from my perspective, is a place to find digital graphics, i.e. things designed in digital programs. I have never seen a hand drawing on there but I have seen vector-traces of hand drawings.

Thanks Stefany!

I saw a few watercolors and things, so I thought I might try. I wouldn’t have guessed PhotoDune - thank you for letting me know, and I guess I’ll wait to upload there . . .