Are my photos suitable?


I am a novice photographer and I wanted to ask you are these pictures suitable for photodune?
Do you have any advice for me? How my portfolio should look so I ensure I get accepted? Thanks


No, this photos are not suitable at all. Sorry for the hard truth, but give it a check on the market to see what is accepted


Hi ! I think you should see the pictures with good sales and rates on Photodune to know what kind of pictures customers ask for. Not that your photographs are not good, but they won’t fill the needs of customers.
You don’t need to be a high experienced art photographer to produce interesting shots. You need to know your camera and accessories and create your own scenes. Try to focus on what people would like to buy for a commercial use. With websites like Unsplash where you can get thouthands gorgeous pictures for free, we have to make beautiful AND usefull pictures in here if we want to sell.
Even if those photographs cannot be used, I’m pretty sure you can produce something different that you could sell here. :slight_smile:

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stand on the client’s side to discover different angles, I’m sure something you produce will be sell well here