Are item submissions still suspended on PhotoDune?

Hi. I’m a new author [link removed] and I’m looking at PD for the first time. When I first visit my PD dashboard there is a notice at top:

Item submissions have been suspended on PhotoDune. If you are interested in becoming a photo author, please read this article.

I’ve visited and read the supplied article but there is no information specifically about how to submit for approval on PhotoDune. All upload links in my dashboard eventually lead to that same article.

Does a process exist to apply to PD? Is my Author account too young?

(Apologies if this is a tired conversation but there isn’t any new information in the forums. There are some articles about a 2017 PD suspension but nothing recent.)

Grateful for any clarity here!


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This is actually the first time I’ve heard of this. I checked it out for myself and it says the same thing, and I’ve been an author for over 10 years, so it’s definitely not due to being a new account.

I can’t seem to find any info on it anywhere, in fact when I search the topic here on the forum, this thread is the only option.

Previously you had to apply to be a Photodune author by submitting several types of photos that you plan to sell, they would then either approve your application or deny it based on what they thought about your photos. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, and I’m not sure what the process is anymore.


@XioxGraphix All good. Thanks for chiming in. Hopefully someone will shed some light on this soon. I know Audio Jungle is pausing new authors for 6 months starting on 24 May 2021. Not sure if this is related but could be.

Hi Jibran!

This is not directly connected to the current AudioJungle changes. Back in 2017 we changed the way that new author applications worked for photos, which had previously been via PhotoDune only.

We are still taking new author applications for photos, but those applications now goes via Elements. There’s some more information on that process in our Help Centre here, and you can apply to become an Elements author here: Become an Elements Author - Envato Author Hub

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Hi Ben, thanks for the info. I have recently become an Elements Author (username: jibranb). I uploaded a few stock footage pieces to the Marketplace, which were also published to Elements.

Is the photo submission process the same (via the link you sent) even though I’m already on Elements?

Second question: On my Elements account in ‘My Items’ there’s a notice saying I need to complete an Author ID check but when I go to verify dot envato dot com it says ‘You have no Author ID checks.’ Can you help me out with this? I’ve read the articles about it but there’s no clear path to submit an Author ID check.

Thanks again.

Hi Jibran!

Accounts on Elements will be approved for specific content types, as there’s a portfolio review in the application process. If you’re currently approved for Stock Footage, you can submit a new application for Photos. These generally go through faster, as the only section that will need to be reviewed is your new photo portfolio.

If you have already completed an Author ID check (submitting some identity documents as part of your signup), then you won’t need to do another one. The notice you see on your Elements account is likely to have been triggered when your account first reached the ID Check stage, even if you completed the check afterwards. I’m going to follow up with our New Authors team, to see if we can stop those messages from being displayed on accounts that have already passed the ID check.

Okay cool will submit a photos application. I actually haven’t completed an ID check yet. How do I submit one? Appreciate your help.

Hi Ben, quick update. I reached out to support and they sent me an Author ID check. I’m fully verified now. Any word on removing the notice from the dashboard? I’m still seeing it. Thanks.

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