Are Images included in Templates?

Hey there! I just got my first theme template, and was under the impression that there are stock images included. My download has an empty images folder. How do I find out if its missing, and how would I get a refund if they are missing and can’t provide them?

RockoX :

Hi @naguszed,

Welcome to the forums! Actually @tabvn, the author of RockoX theme doesn’t mention if images are included in the purchase (and 9 times out of 10 they are not). Still, I’d rather contact the Author for clarification on this :slight_smile:


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Thank you. When it referenced “400+ Icons, Fontawesome integrated!”" , that means something else then?

Most likely yes, Font Awesome is just an icon based font, available for free* on their website:

* with version 5.0 they introduced a premium feature

thank you!

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According to the theme Template/Theme submission rules, authors cannot upload the the images those shown at the demo site. There’s no need to contact the author

Some of the CMS comes with “import” demo option but that still doesn’t guarantee that you will get the images as well.

Ok, good to know. thank you for the info. much appreciated.