Are disposable licenses allowed on Codecanyon?

Dear Team,

I recently purchased a windows app from Codecanyon AIO Web Scraper. I activated the same on 3 virtual machines (as permitted by the author through their licensing terms.

However, after I formatted my computer and reinstalled all the three virtual machines, I installed the software and tried to enter the license key which now says that the “license is invalid”.

After this incident, I contacted the author and got to know that the license was disposable. I can only activate it 3 times. After that the license will not exist.

I am really disappointed to know that there is no license reset or transfer option provided by the author and I going to lose my 100s of dollars.

Due to the nature of the app (which is a software that runs on windows platform), I rented a VPS to run it and now I had to change the VPS vendor and required to reset/transfer the license, which is impossible due to the current licensing mechanism provided by the author.

This type of license cannot be categorized as a “lifetime license” because the license will stop working as an end user may have to change platforms, operating systems during upgrade/downgrade or even the devices. There is no way to revoke access from the previous machine and transfer it to a new machine.

I need assistance from Codecanyon team to intervene and help me recover the so called “lifetime license” I purchased from the author. I really don’t want to lose my money and feel “scammed” by someone using such tactics.

You definitely need to talk to support Envato Market Help and Support

The “author” cannot define they own terms as all items purchased on CodeCanyon fall under envato’s license agreements Licenses | CodeCanyon which coincidentally only allow a single installation (which some authors permit to be deregistered and swapped)

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