Are all approved templates have well matched colors?

I’m curious about one thing. Are all approved templates have well matched colors? I mean some projects I see on feed that I don’t like the colors on preview videos. Maybe my eyes are new to identify if this is good or bad colors?

So when going review process does reviewer look at the colors or only other elements of quality? I mean how is the priority colors for approve?

Hi. My opinion is that color combinations and palettes are very subjective, it depends on what you think is good for your own project to use. Anyway, there are some standards that you can see everywhere, like Instagram stories, they have a particular color palette.

Basically colors in projects can be easily modified by user. It’s much more productive to focus on animation. Yes, colors is also important, but if you spend hours or days to find “perfect” combination - that’s not good.

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Instagram stories have a particular color palette? What you mean by this? Is somewhere any “rule” for this and can you give example?

There´s no defined “rule” in any “book” or “manual”, if that´s what you mean. Instagram stories was just an example about colors. All you need is search for “Instagram stories” here on Videohive and you´ll see the colors used in every item. Commonly gradients, orange, pink, violet, blue, red, green, vivid colors. Try a quick search and you´ll see.