Arabic Music - Possible rejection reasons?


Hello Everyone.
I’m frustrated because I got my first submission rejected without a specific feedback. telling the item “doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall…”


I would appreciate if you can tell me what’s wrong with my submission, whether it’s the EQ, Compression, Sample

Libraries quality, composition, arrangement, performance?

Do I need to add more modern complexity, like Hybrids, glitches, impacts?

I want to learn so I can avoid my mistakes in my next submissions.



link doesn’t work


Please provide a working link. Thanks.


Sorry for that.
Linked Fix now.


Sorry for that, Fixed now.


I don’t know trends of arabic music, but to my mind sound quality not enough. Sound of samples/mixing. Try to create more professional sound, more high quality mix. Good luck!


I see, Thanks, I will see what to do.


Sometimes its not about mixing that much and I think your mix is not bad. Does it sound like a genuine arabic piece of music is the question… When someone plays it will he instantly go, “thats totally arabic right there” ? With your track the answer is no, and I think its cause of the scale you picked and the instruments you recorded, especially piano. Swap it for some ethnic sounding shizzle and serve it totally arabic, eg. proper scale, proper instruments. Just look it up. Peace;]]


Thanks for the Reply,
I will try to change the scale and instruments, however, as someone who’s born in the culture and familiar with it, many modern Arabic music has piano, and people are so in love with it! and I believe the material will find many fans and buyers who are specially looking for such things.
Although I still wish it’s the compression, white noise, EQ, and the large revebs. which I may agree after some second thoughts.
However I will keep your notes in mind.
Many Thanks.