aps-product translation

How can I translate this text that you can see in the attachment into Arabic, knowing that I tried using Loco Translate and it didn’t work


Go on Google Search and type in “translate text into arabic” - you should see plenty of options to do this.

Apparently, I couldn’t get the question the right way, I asked how can I translate (or change language permanently to Arabic) the Titles and content of the aps-product plugin because it is in English and there is no option to re-translate it, so I need all the content to be displayed in the Arabic language…

@daemtube1 ah sorry
See if someone else offers help - I’m off for tonight now but if no answer tomorrow, I will see if I can come up a with a better answer :wink:

I appreciate it, have a good night

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there is a possibility those text not included in the language template (.pot file). You can ask this directly to the author of your purchased item. Hope author will assist you on this.


Okay so now catching up and reading the comments again, plus what @mgscoder has added.

If this is the plugin below, then there were comments about this which might steer you in the right direction. It might be that some of the language is hard-coded in parts of the files that make the plugin work, in which case you would need to directly edit those files I guess