[Approved!!!] Would Love Some Feedback Before Submitting (Hard Rock)

Hey All,

Would really love to hear some feedback on this piece before submitting.

It feels to me like it’s still not giving me the clarity I want, getting a really good hard rock guitar tone is tough!

Would love to hear any constructive comments about production/mix/composition anything really.

Don’t hold back… I can take it and that’s how ya learn!



Sounds very good! Airy and fit for backgrounds.

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sound very good man. :smiley:

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Thanks! Just submitted… maybe this will finally be my first accepted ha!

In my oppinion there is no reason why it could be rejected. Sounds good :+1:

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sounds awesome,
this is going to be approved for sure!
great work

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I can’t fault this, you’ve done an excellent job! Great snare sound, and really authentic sounding warm guitar tones, so much better than most rock stuff I hear on RF sites. I like the use of the octave on the lead hook in the chorus, that really hooks me!! So catchy

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In my opinion this is awesome track, really. I agree with you about the clarity, also maybe you can try to pan some instrument a little on the right,it feels like there is more on the left. You will definitely get approve for this one.


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Nice work! Sounds great to me :thumbsup:

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thanks everyone!

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Just wanted to update and say I’m excited to finally have my first approval! Thanks for all help everyone!


man this sounds from the beginning like Dave Pensado would say: “Sounds like Money!”.
Congrats great item.

Thanks!!! Just uploaded my second item… hopefully I’ve finally got things figured out… only took 2.5 years :slight_smile: