Approved. Then soft disabled. What's wrong with the reviewers?



Approved. Then soft disabled. What’s wrong with the reviewers?


Did they tell you why it was soft disabled?


Go and check hidden item and click history


It happened to me once and it’s the WORST scenario because you are losing that crucial front page exposure.

By the time your item is re-enabled, it will be gone and all your hard work may never have its few hours under the spotlight.

Sorry to hear this happened.


I don’t understand. Why they approved? Who’s wrong? If they gave me just soft reject i’ll fix that soon.
If i delete my item and upload new one is this posible? Give me some advice pls.


Did they not give you a reason for soft rejecting the file?

You won’t be able to delete this copy and upload it again as a different file.


They gave me 14 soft disabled reasons. But that was just 5 minutes later after approve. I don’t understand why didn’t they just gave me soft reject. Can i re-enable it in front page of the themeforest?


It normally would depend on what other files have been released since.

I appreciate how frustrating this must be but the best thing you can do is to fix the issues then contact envato and see what they can do.


just fix those issues and update, don’t delete and re-upload, you might get hard reject again


For what it’s worth - I recall about a year ago an author mentioning a similar situation with his WP theme, where he would have had his front page exposure time stolen by a soft rejection right after approval.

His item ended up being featured on the homepage (when it happens, the item is on front page for a few weeks!) and the author is now a reputed elite author (+ forum moderator).

I am pretty sure if you reach out to envato staff they may be able to find some compensation for your lost exposure.

Good luck!