Approved PSD - HTML/WP/CMS DEV Wanted

Hey there,

I’m looking for a developer, for my latest PSD called Listio. Open to all sorts of propositions from you guys, please contact me directly through my profile or by posting below.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing back from you,

I am developer with establish accounts. I can be your partner for WordPress.

If you are interested contact me via SKYPE on themedune

email me at

Hello guys
I’m newcomer and my first PSD template was approved last week. I received two requests partnership. Now i have some question.
how is the circumstances of contraction (collaboration)?
how could we collaborate with each other?
how much interest is devided between two sides? and how it is calculated?

I hope you are doing well. I have lot of approved html. so knock me plz for html partnership or i can do fixed psd to html work for u for very low price but you will get very standard work. contact with me by email: or skype: aftabzaman1.