Approved or Rejected


I have just submitted two of my themes and would like to get your feedback… Approved or Rejected… Any constructive criticism is appreciated…


BTW I have fixed all the W3C compliant issues on the submitted ones. These are slightly pre-submittal items…

Your link does not work!

Sorry about that…

Does the first one work fine…meaning the site… I have submitted two sites…

Hey, seems like the css doesn’t work.

hmmm… I am not sure about that… What browser are you using ?

I have updated the link… - doesn’t work - fantastic. I’d say make the hover animation faster.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I am sorry about the link… I was working on a W3C compliant issue…and don’t want to wait for the server to refresh… Please take a look at this link

Also thanks so much for the comments on “Themeify”!! I have some code for that so that the user can set it at any speed. BTW what are your thoughts on the branding sitting the hover… I am not sure that I have seen that before and thought it would be good on a site like this… Any thoughts ?



Well it seems ok to me. It can be improved - im just clueless to tell you “how to” do it lol

Now that was funny!!! LOL

  1. themeify- its difficult for a user to understand what those images in home page represent. there is no title and only after navigating they will know that it represents work aka portfolio.
    for the concept you have created I would expect all info to be in above the fold area. having to use a scroller on each page is a disappointment.
    my opinion would be to make it into a single page theme with proper headings. also it lacks the finesse. need to work on the details.
    2.poster - it needs the fine details to be worked out so that it looks more premium like. you surely have to work on the navigation and above fold area in total.

Any you are surely a hard worker and will make it soon friend. All the best.


Thanks for your input… it’s noted…

BTW the 2nd concept is called “Paper”…:slight_smile:


sorry My bad :grin:

Since I’m a minimalist person, I would gladly accept that design. It’s awesome.

Thanks so much for your kind words… I too share your affection for simplicity in design… Hopefully all will go well and you will see it up on themeforest…



CSS does not work,

Please see the updated W3C compliant one…


It ok now and No errors or warnings to show when check W3C