Approved Or Rejected ?

Please tell me if this item will be approved or not ?? and if not tell me what should i do ?

are you actually designing and creating these graphics from scratch so they ar eentirely ediable (in detail) or just combining pre-rendered icons with some copy

i actually design every element from zero

And i have an approved item you can see it from here: [link removed]

why do you allow scammers on your site

I do not allow them

(removed) This is not relevant or suitable for the forums.

You should contact Envato Market Help and Support

hi this is nice but the typo part is looking flat , dull, and everything and u ruin it all because of this … there is nothing in terms of typo , here , buddy … pls keep in mind that standards are high about it , at the moment the typo is flat , there is no originality at all, there no variations, no font combinations, and the proportion between the name and the tagline is not the right one either …there is close to no hierarchy, as such …

It looks good but you can still make some improvements by adding some variations, suitable proportions and checking other font combinations that may be best suited for your product to match the quality standards of Envato. Best wishes for your approval!