Approved or rejected - New Blog Theme


Hi all,

I have another concept that I am submitting this week and need your feedback… It is a different way of looking at the blogging platform. Just trying to step out of the box of regular blogs… Please I would like to get your input on the concept…


Go unique or go home


I think that rejected because your typography is many horrible, etc, regards.


Are you referring to the typography in the side Magazine panel or over the top of the images…


all typography is too basic.

edit: also problem margins, better logo. In themeforest all themes are professional.


No se de que se refiere… no tiene sentido… Todo los temas aceptados en TF son profesional… Los letras son comun en todos los proyectos donde existe este tipo de letras en un sitio que es un blog o en periodicos…Bueno vamos a ver los margins y quisas puede trabajar con el Logo… Gracias por sus sugerencias!


Improve loading speed.


De nada amigo, un saludo para ti :slight_smile:


k… Will look at that…Thanks !


as for me looks interesting and I agree with @crelegant about loading.


Thanks for the information… I will go ahead and work on the loading of the site…


you’re welcome :slight_smile: keep up!


Give this link a try… We sped up the loading time in this one…


Too slow to load, you should improve page speed.



I have uploaded a new link

Please give that a try and tell me what you think…




It still takes very long time to load. Layout is very weird with content on the left, menu full width, flip animations are out of place and annoying.



Thanks for your response. I will work on the loading… I appreciate your insights. The project is designed to take an additional approach to a blogging platform. I have some questions that would help me out in the analysis of the site. If you don’t mind answering them:

  1. When you say that the flip animations are “out of place” what do you mean ? Do you mean out of place in respects to the content ? or out of place as a transition ? ( I am assuming that would lead then to the comment that it could be “annoying”).

  2. Now regarding the comment “content to the left” is “weird”. Would it be visually more pleasing to have the content to the center of the page or to the right ? The reason that I ask this question is inherently in the “english” language nomenclature / text is read from “left” to “right” and subsequently depending on how a person normally views content can then skew their perception of how typography is viewed, thus making it either an enhancement or a deterrent to the viewing experience.,

  3. Also on the site there was two icons placed to the right (instagram / twitter) and a menu placed to the top right hand side of the page. Did you find that useful or would it have been better placed on the menu bar ?

  4. Lastly. Did the blog’s black and white photos engage or disengage the use of the site ? Meaning did they make any impact in the overall use/look of the site ?

I really appreciate the candid comments! As I try to improve on design at every level and absolutely love user experiences whether they be good or bad… My job is to understand and make the experience more enjoyable…




You don’t need animations there, I find them too much and annoying. Page flow is not logical due to different alignments, also page layout is not properly loaded until I resize the page, so it has to do with the script you use to reorder boxes on page. Test with more browsers and screen sizes. I like social icons placement. Photos and text over them is a bit hard to read in places, maybe you need something with higher contrast.


Thanks for the reply… Very much appreciated…



Nice concept here! I don’t think there’s anything to improve on left reading pane. It’s sensational! But post tiles on the right - can be improved starting from typography, hover effects (as mentioned above). Do work on loading time because I too notice it’s slow. Good luck mate :wink:



Thanks for the review… I am trying to change up things a little and will work on the typography and hover effects… I have changed to have it centered now (based on the comments mentioned also look at it on a mobile device and that is the look that I will have on desktop) and then will have it read more magazine like along with including additional other posts as per the format that I already have… I will then lose the hover effects over all and keep the effects that I have for transition. I think that should do the trick!!! It will also give it a more magazine like feel along with keeping the blogging integrity intact… BTW have you seen my other concept…

I have just uploaded that one and am awaiting a response… Please tell me what you think if you have some time…