Approved item not in the list

My item has being approved few hours ago, and the items approved after mine are in the category list, and my item is still in the files page and is not listed under the category , does any one have this experience before, please help me…

Don’t worry sometimes it took few a hours to almost a day before listed.

Thank you for the quick reply, but items which have been approved after mine are listed that’s why I worried, So is it nothing to worry about and my item will be listed right ?

Not sure about that it quite randomly, You may try contact Envato support If it pass 24hr or so. good luck :slight_smile:

Was it more recent than this item?

If you get more than one item approved in very quick succession then this can skew things (will also prevent two being on the home page at any one time)

This is the file I’m mentioning, it’s in the presentation category now, but it doesn’t come under the powerpoint category

We see it there on both the home page tab and under the presentation category

Yes it should be under presentations -> powerpoint templates, people who need to buy powerpoint templates go their not the presentations category it self, and presentation categoy grows faster than the powerpoint category

You can tweet to Envato help on twitter. They will take a look. I think it is cache problem.


You have not set the Powerpoint Templates subcategory (only in root “Presentation Templates”).

Take a look on other items to see the difference.

May be , but as I know the subcategory field is mandatory so It can’t be mistakenly skipped I think

No, subcategory is not required, so you can leave it just in root.

Yes then it’s my fault I think thank you for letting me know I was worried

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Thank you all! I submitted a ticket to the support team and they helped very friendly to get it solved… now it’s there at the correct place