Approved HTML template with some issues on preview

Hi guys, our second html template was approved, but the preview has some issues on Iphone mobile screen, though in the preview version i provided there is no such issue.

url for preview i provided

I suspect that may be a js conflict.

Do you know how can i get in touch with my reviwer or someone from support?

I only see issues when the demo bar is active - if removed it seems fine.

If that’s what you are talking about then it could be something to do with our hosting or code which relates to loading the site in an iframe.

Is that the issue you are seeing?

yes, thats the issue i’m referring to. Should not be reviewers job to inform me about this issue? I mean, probably most of iphone users couldn’t see the preview and we lost some potential users doe to this problem.

Not really - they won’t test it in the iframe and will only look at the main demo.

It should be relatively easy to identify what’s causing it given it must the the iframe causing it. Then all you need to do is adjust the cause and update the demo.

ok, now i understand. Thank you very much, Charlie! I believe this post is Solved :smiley:

Giani, awesome template! Your navbar collapse doesn’t seem to work and you got a minor typo on the About page; “Abaut us”. Besides that, you template looks and works 100% fine on my side. GLWS!

We are also having the same issue on our theme:

This seems like issue from envato side, because I also tested our other themes and its the same issues showing on other themes too.

Yes, i’m afraid you’re right. We both have the same issue and maybe there are many more templates with same problems.

What makes you so sure? Just as a reference:

  • all that frame is, is a basic iFrame and nothing esp clever which is likely to create major issues

  • if it were an envato issue then it would be effecting potentially thousands of items and I’d expect to have heard more about it

  • have you tested your site in another iFrame and not the envato demo bar?

We just tried it in one of the free online tools (not that these are then most reliable things in the world) and there is the same issue.

I’m not saying you are wrong but it strikes me as it would be very simple to create your own test to check if it’s the envato demo bar or the code and any iFrame

I agree, but I been testing and checking my themes demo on daily basis to make sure things are working find and user should not cause any issues accessing it.

But Today I saw this issue on our theme as well on other themes, which were working just fine without any issue when these themes were launched.

I guess the issue is solved, @giani188 I have tested our as well your and other html themes this issues seems to be sorted.

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