Approve Stock Footage 4 months

Hello. It is normal that the stock footage approve 4 months, what’s next? 1 year, 2 years?? This is not serious guys, what happened to your?? Thanks

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I have no idea also about this situation. my files are waiting 5 months and my hope is gone, so my pleasure for working too.

on the bright side, your christmas items will be ready for 2018 :slight_smile:

Mine are waiting for 4 months. In general, after all ups and downs I am satisfied with sales here and with Envato. It is a pleasure to be here; sales never lets me down, they are, if not anything else - constant. This is most important for me.
If there would be any chance to settle down this really long waiting review time - it would be great. Thank you, Envato! :slight_smile:

Soon babies will born faster…