Approval wait time for emergency updates?

Hi, because of the recent updates of Elementor, I made an emergency update 3 days ago but still no response.
Is there something wrong or my customers are not important at all?

There’s no way that envato can prioritise individual authors/item.

For example, with respect, why should they put your 9 customers ahead of any other author with updates esp those with potentially hundreds if not thousands of buyers?

There’s no fair way to do this and it would lead to some authors trying to intentionally exploit it.

If your update is not major then the reviewers will get to it ASAP.

I didn’t ask about priority or something is fair or not. I just wanted to confirm that the reviewer is still alive. I mean, if the reviewer’s queue is overload, at least, please notify authors about that. Then we can wait.

To do it fair, i think it’s easy. Order items in the review queue by datetime. If anyone has problem with that, just show them the timestamp.

Your answer make me think that the problem is being new with low sales.

Thank for your response!

Ordering by date (with the exception of some marketplaces where very successful and proven elite authors can bypass some things), is, I believe how it is done.

(not aimed at your comment), despite the opinion that envato should just hire more reviewers, or that they are doing something else wrong, in actually fact authors hold the process up at least as much, if not more than envato.

Unfortunately, while I understand the frustration – there is very little more (other than transparency) that envato would be able to do

After getting support from Envato Help Center, I knew what’s wrong.

The problem is that I didn’t select files which will be updated after uploading them.

My sincere apologies!