Applying a License for All-In-One Slider

When I add a special character to the text for the CodeCanyon All-In-One Slider I get “Available in the full version” in it’s place on the webpage. I do have a purchased copy of the software with the relevant license. Do I have to do anything in particular with this license to enable the full version?


I will tag in the author of that slider @LambertGroup I’m sure they will be able to point you in the right direction.


Thanks KingDog

Our plugin doesn’t display this message. Please add the link to the product you are referring.

Our plugin doesn’t display any message of this type "“Available in the full version”. Where does this message appears? Maybe is from the text editor you are using

Hmmm! I am using Dreamweaver actually. OK. Thanks for the quick response. Appreciated.

I just realised what it is. It the special font I am using - Nexa. Normally a “paid-for” font but I am using the FREE version, which doesn’t include special characters. Solved. Just thought you’d like to know.

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Thank you for letting me know

I bought the All In One Slider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin, but when I activate, my website do not load anymore. Suggestions? @LambertGroup?

@LambertGroup contact me and it wasn’t activation issues, but the problem was the missing images.

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