Application feedback

Hey guys,

since my first application got hard rejected, i’ve created new one and this time i would like to ask for feedback before i submit the code for review.
It’s an app that allows users to download media from youtube, vimeo, instagram, and many other services. It supports multiple languages (with built in translation editor), simple cms, managing administrators and many more.
The app is built with Symfony 4.3 and Vue + Vuetify.

Admin user/password: / admin

Thank you :wink:

Uploaded yesterday and got hard rejection without reason. I think i know why, because the code is well written and the html is not mixed with the php, which is the “envato quality standard”. Every app that i bought i’ve installed for my customers was badly written. If “envato quality standard” means, that the code must be a spaghetti and php has to bed mixed with html, then i don’t want to be a part of this :wink:

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Sorry but your comment makes no sense
I think the reason is because it’s a copyright infringing tool

Maybe, but what about other similar apps in the codecanyon marketplace? If copyright infringing would be the reason, then those apps should not be there too. :slight_smile:

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