Application Error

I had purchased a theme on “themeforest” as per the instructions when I’m trying to install wordpress on Godaddy to customise my site it doesn’t allow me to install wordpress.

I keep getting an error " 1 Application has errors, please correct below". When I check the folder and the files are there in the file manager but not able to customise anything.

Please help…!! Urgently.

Unable to install wordpress on Godaddy, keep getting an error.

You can purchase one of my services for a quick solution, if you’re interested in:

Is this is the service we get that we have to again end up paying another 100$ to get an error fixed??
I’m dumb struck!!

I would suggest you to upload wordpress files manually using FTP, after that just access and from here on you can follow the steps but you will need database username and password.

But if you use server’s service to install wordpress automatically and you get this error you should better contact the server administrators.

You could decide and order one of the services, there’d be no additional charges.
Still if you’re looking for a free solution, you can try to contact the server administrator as @hawk95 suggested


Which server administrators are you referring to?? I did upload the files via ftp but still of no avail…!! Been 3 days trying to resolve this…!!

Just so exhausted tryign to setup the wordpress to customise theme. I can’t even open theme to customise it.

Is your problem with wordpress or with the theme? What problems you had with FTP? Describe in more details what you did if you want some help here on the forum. Otherwise you will have to hire someone to install wordpress/theme.

I’m trying to install wordpress on go daddy and it keeps prompting me the error. I uploaded the files via ftp on to go daddy but how do I customise these files.


You need to hire someone to perform the changes.As I stated before, I could help you on this. If you drop me an email via the link below, we can discuss the details