Apple Icons Collection Rejected


Our team has submitted apple icon collection for review but have been rejected as they state in their email ‘submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion’. Icon collection of PNG,JPG,AI,PDF,SVG files & icon collection consist of 300 new apple icons & ui design.

Then what could be the real reason of rejecting? is it dues to any copyright or something else?


I’m not a professional graphic dude on Envato markets,
but I create graphics since 2005, for my web-app usage etc.

Well causes can be multiple :

  • low quality
  • files not too big
  • quality of vectors low (not very well done, looks like barebones)
  • etc

You can actually look at other similar items on the marketplace
where you uploaded
and go from there. See what others “seem to have” that you don’t have
and try to incorporate that in your next update.

With other words, use this “insuccess” to add more skills to your next upload,
so you will increase your chance of being accepted, as well as adding those skills
to your personal experience.