Apple Font link in main file----Need Help

Hello everyone,

i have done one App UI template for graphicriver…in that i have used the apple font SF Pro text…
now the doubt is… can i include the font link within the main download which is from apple official website…?

Thank You

true, You need to include the fonts you used

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yeah… font is free but its from apple website…is it fine?
that’s why i am asking can i include the apple website link?

this link:
thank you

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You can’t include any font (even if it’s free). But you can (and you need) include fonts link

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thanks…i just have given the above link only in text file(main download) and description as well.
is it ok?

Yes it’s OK. Many authors leave a link in a text file, and in the description of the item they write: “font link inside the ZIP file”. But personally, I duplicate the link in the description

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Than you so much all…:innocent:

True You Can This , Watch My Item Under the text you will find the links of fonts used in the item , Example

, I hope this is a solution, with my greetings

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Thanks a lot @ Ooredoo-Studio