App template authors, how customizable is enought?



Hello, this is my first post here so if there is some sort of error or I am breaking a rule, please notify me.
Anyways I just became an author here in Envato. I plan on selling mostly IOS templates and I was wondering if other authors could share experiences about what users expect from a product. I am mostly worried about the customization of my templates, are users normally expecting a “drag and drop” template that will be app-store ready in 10 minutes, or do they know about the 15-20 pages pdf that goes into detail on how to set it up?
I’m currently working on a product that uses Parse as a back-end, I just wanted to know if users are willing to put up an hour to set up/customize a project?. I’m not sure what type of audience we are targeting here so I need to be ready.

Thanks in advance!