App Rejection with no valid reason



Few days ago i submit an android application that lets user download video from Facebook,
(more advance then this one: but for android.

Anyway i get an email from Codecanyon review team that the app is rejected due to the following reason: "We can’t approve items that violate Facebook’s terms of service."
And i’m wondering if this correct reason is correct then:
1- How Facebook review team accept my application if its violate their terms of service in the first place?!
2- How Google play review team accept my application if its violate Facebook terms of service!

Note that the app contain a copyright section in the settings page, that i mention in the document too. So i can’t see why this is the reason to reject my product! even tho there is an app similar to it in Codecanyon that i mention above.

Does anyone have any idea what is the reason for this rejection? and how can i fix it?