App conversion and development using filemaker Pro and filemaker Go

I am developing an APP and have been using Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Go. I am the designer, and my programmer has reached the limit of his ability. I am looking for someone who can convert the programing so that it will be acceptable to Apple and help me take the app to the next level. The current version is fully working for an iphone. There would be some tweeking, but the app at this stage works fine with filemaker GO. My goal is to have it become a stand alone app without using filemaker any longer.
If you have experience in this area I would appreciate communicating with you.

If you have a sensible budget then you could look on but bear in mind that it is not a simple conversion to make apps built using Filemaker to an acceptable standard for the app or play store

Thanks charlie4282 it was studio.envato that suggested I go on the form to find someone. Bit of a catch 22 circle. Anyway, thanks for the response and suggestion, much appreciated.