API: wordpress_theme_metadata (theme & plugin version number now available) !

I just noticed a new wordpress_theme_metadata key returned from the API, check this out!




  "id": 9367833,
  "wordpress_theme_metadata": {
    "theme_name": "Boutique Kids",
    "author_name": "dtbaker",
    "version": "1.22",
    "description": "Boutique Kids WordPress Theme by dtbaker"

This will allow us to do theme updates much nicer. It seems this information is parsed straight out of the theme zip file itself, that’s pretty cool!!!


Plugins have it as well :slight_smile:

  "id": 12754131,
  "wordpress_plugin_metadata": {
    "plugin_name": "Media Sync",
    "author_name": null,
    "version": "1.2",
    "description": "Easily import pictures from various online services"

Maybe this new information will eventually make its way into the market UI, like in the sidebar area.

This is great news! Finally I can build a proper update system for my items.

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This could be very usefult for version checking finally.

Only if Envato created something with an API key, purchase code, domain name to return a plugin download URL for a potential update system, which restricts purchase keys to one domain only.

Or maybe a page on the profile to enter website URLs which the api accepts to generate the download URLs for the updater.

Both solutions would make it possible to create an open source automatic updater module, which could be easily integrated with wordpress plugins, and prevents updates for duplicate purchase key usage (pirated copies).