API purchases doesn't return correct license type

We for long type use api call: v3/market/buyer/purchases
and now we noticed that License type is null in response, which previously was “Regular License” or “Extended License” as string.

Response was like:
“amount”: “0.00”,
“sold_at”: “2018-01-11T14:07:42+11:00”,
“license”: null,
“support_amount”: “35.88”,
“supported_until”: “2018-07-13T04:07:42+10:00”,
“item”: {
“id”: 242431,

“code”: “facaf303-43a2-4b83-8890-********”

We noticed that for most users it return correct data. but some users was received “null” inside license.

Also, we noticed that this related to support extending, for some reason Envato API returns extentened support as separate product (amount 0, license null) however support_till variable was extended for original too)


That’s right. Support extensions are seen as completely separate purchases in Envato’s database, and do not have licenses. The supported_until parameter will also update on the original purchase, yes.

For this reason you can modify your code to skip over any purchase where ‘license’==null.