API key doesn't work

I am trying to get an api key to be able to download the update of my theme (bookyourtravel).
Everytime when I get an api key I get the message “Your OAuth Personal Token has been verified.” But I don’t see the updates which I should be able to download. I have done this before and back then it worked.

Hi @avleuten,

If the theme is returning a successful message like this, then the personal token is working, as is the API connection. Because we (Envato) don’t have visibility into how the author of Book Your Travel has implemented their update mechanism, you’ll need to contact the author directly.

They do have a customer support site:

And specifically on that site, I see the following article about missing updates:

Please review that article, and if it doesn’t answer your question, open a support ticket there with the author. They should be able to help you resolve the issue.