API is getting ridiculous

Can anyone confirm that API is getting weird again?
I am getting responses from different users *(not from authenticated one) Currently I am getting data from (dtbaker) David Baker… I would like to have someone from the staff to explain…image

Works fine here i’m using it on my website

This was reported once before with the new API (I think about month ago), and it was a bug in the API that was supposedly fixed. But, it looks like it got broken again.

Yes, but this is for user specific data… not for general Envato items…

Just had an item from another user in my author/sales endpoint :open_mouth:

Hello everyone,

I’m Ross, a developer at Envato. Thanks very much for raising this issue, We’re looking into the cause and have reached out to the affected users for more information.

We will continue to investigate and will post an update here once we know what happened. Please bear with us, and if you see any further occurrences of this issue, please either send me a private message or raise a support ticket here.

Thank you!

Hi Ross,
I sent you email containing additional info… Please be kind to answer those additional questions in it :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

Just an update that we’re still investigating this issue, and have taken down the api.envato.com site in the meantime as a safety precaution.


Hello again,

This is a slightly belated notification that access to the API was restored about 5 hours after being disabled. We identified and resolved the issue, and a more detailed write-up is forthcoming. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Again, if you see any further occurrences of this issue please raise a support ticket here.