API access to packages included with Elements?

The Envato API allows for access to all purchases made across the platform. Is there any way to access libraries included in Elements through the API in a similar fashion?

No - support and updates are not included with Elements so this wouldn’t be possible

Hm, maybe I misunderstand Elements then? If I subscribe to Elements, I can immediately download, for example, this theme: https://elements.envato.com/tada-blog-personal-blog-wordpress-template-W2R4WCZ

If that theme gets an update and my Elements sub is still valid, what’s stopping me from downloading the updated version? (this question coming from someone who’s never held an Element account, so I may not understand the actual process of utilizing Elements properly).

Assuming the author updates the version on Elements also, and you are subscribed then there would be nothing stopping you doing that. BUT themeforest and elements are different marketplaces so for example with Themeforest for example there’s not time sensitivity i.e. the subscription so it’s easy - elements cannot currently calculate this, and it would be treated as a new download.

I have the same question/issue too with the Axo theme from Elements.

Please escalate this thread because managing theme updates manually from Envato Elements instead within Wordpress would be a mess.

There should be an option to include the ENVATO API (Envato, not Themeforest, remember it) with the downloaded themes from Elements, while the user is active at Elements at least.

Thank you.

Still wouldn’t work - I am 90% sure that when an author uploads a new version of a theme or template, then it appears as a new link/file rather then a change log to the original download.

@charlie4282 I’m honestly shocked that Elements was released that way. With things like WordPress plugins, vulnerabilities are discovered daily in even the most popular and well-curated plugins. If an author publishes an update to a plugin on Elements that addresses a security vulnerability and there’s no WP dashboard mechanism for applying updates, or any mechanism for delivering updates at all, that vulnerability is just out there. IMO, that’s unacceptable.

You could reach out to support and get confirmation on this (I could be wrong) Envato Elements Help and Support but it would make sense given that you need to ‘download again’ to get updated versions.

Also a thread here about it Envato Elements "Outdated" Problem

It’s possible they will update the process but I would have thought that (right or wrong), it’s not a basic thing to implement, and technically they are not preventing anyone from having the update - just that it needs to be done manually rather than via an API call.