Anyway to filter sales by products?



Is there anyway to filter your sales / earnings some how by products vs just platforms (codecayon, audiojungle etc). It would be really nice to be able to do this.


Anyone have any feedback?


Hi @UnionThemes! What’s your definition of “products”? As far as I can see, authors can only sort by Date, Transaction Type, and Marketplace. Failing that, you could always download all your data in CSV format and perform specific keyword search terms within a spreadsheet. The extra (useful) data that the CSV file contains to allow some extra ability to sort are Item ID and Detail (item name).

I like where I think you’re going though - would be nice to have the ability to sort by categories and to display summaries per category - either via the Statement page or just within the CSV data. :thumbsup:

Finally, although it’s not the best way to analyze data, don’t forget that you can also find some useful data on your portfolio page. In your portfolio you can search and order your items by category, sales, average sales, commission, and commission average: