Anyone Recommend Good Impact, Sweeps, Risers, Ect Sample Library?

Looking to expand my collection of samples for impacts, sweeps, rev cymbals, ect. I know the generic answer is why not just make them yourself. haha and to be honest, my answer to that is I just don’t feel like it. I don’t really have time to fiddle around with it. So does anyone know of any packs that are good and have a lot of different samples?

This thread was posted here recently.

I bought them and think they are excellent quality! :)

Scroll down 5 posts for the discounted versions.

I quite like the Impact Soundworks ‘Juggernaut’ vst -

Lots of good presets and also easy to modify

Thanks, i appreciate that. Maybe I should be more specific. I am looking for EDM not so much cinematic and trailer stuff.

Altered Reality has some of my most favorite impacts and sweeps around. The online audio demos don’t do that portion of this product justice but this video overview gives you much better examples of them.

edit: skip to 35 seconds for whooshes and 2:55 for the hits and impacts section

Juggernaut is very good for EDM.

Additionally, try the following:

HYBRID TOOLS (good for EDM and cinematic)


PRECISIONSOUND STINGERS (some cinematic, some EDM))

BOOM LIBRARY (cinematic only, but has some crossover appeal for EDM))

PROJECT ALPHA (good for EDM and cinematic))

WAVES ALCHEMY (good for EDM and cinematic))


GLITCHMACHINES (anything by these guys is EDM focused))

Finally, you can make just about anything in Omnisphere :slight_smile:

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Wow, awesome! I am glad I asked. Some very awesome suggestions.

Nice, I may look into some of these myself!