Anyone playing any games?!?

Hi guys.
I know that everyone here has a spare time. My question, is about gaming.
What games do developers, authors and clients play?!
Do you think that gameplay can develop capabilities, and provide a bit extra motivation, and distraction from work?!
Best regards.


Distraction surely, especially if you play RPG games. :stuck_out_tongue:
I love to play games, but nowadays I just see people playing games on Youtube. Because playing games could make me forget my projects :smile:

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Yesterday I finished again Half Life 2, I mean I completed episode two and it was gorgeous as always, however the end of it is sooo intriguing that it’s really a pain to wait for so long for releasing of the third one… Sometimes I think that it won’t be released at all and that’s extremely sad because I want to know so much what will be the end of this amazing story. Half Life 2 is one of the best games in my opinion and I think it deserves finally a good ending :rolleyes:
And in general I can’t say that I’m a huge gamer, however I like to play sometimes in various ones if I want to relax during my free time :slight_smile: My favourite ones are also BloodRayne, GTA series, Hitman, AlienVSPredator, Chaser, Prey, Serious Sam (but only the first one among all parts) and Painkiller. I like to play sometimes in flash ones and mmorg, especially The World Of Warcraft and Shaiya. And gambling is my other favourite type, I like slots and poker the most of all.
I also want to try Portal too, as I know it was made by those guys who made Half Life 2 and got many positive reviews, I’m really curious if it’s really so cool as it’s said by many guys :slight_smile:

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I only played the first HL. Afterwards started playing CS… Now i’m currently playing CS GO which is awesome!

I stopped playing games about two years ago. But I like to watch dota2’s championships :smile::smile::smile:

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, GTA V, Destiny 2, Star Wars Battlefield, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Gran Turismo Sport. Just bought No Man’s Sky, Elite Dangerous and Titanfall 2 a couple of days ago as they’'re on sale.

No Man’s Sky seems a bit complicated. I tried for half an hour to land my ruddy ship on Elite… I’ve given up. Thankfully it was only £7.99. Titanfall has just downloaded… will give that a try tonight.

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League & overwatch :rofl:

PUBG on a mobile phone). I’d be happy to play with other authors!)

And (very rarely :cry:) The Witcher 3 :crossed_swords:
But I have a long list of a good games that I want to play in the future))

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Resident Evil, Fifa 18, Rayman :smiley:


Pinstripe - Thomas Brush (my personal favorite’s favorite haha)

The Last Guardian

Transformice - Atelier 801

TES:V Skyrim - Bethesda

Slots -
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2(and openRTC, a modified version with cheats ect.) - EA Games maybe??

Spore - EA + Maxis Entertainment (EA was the publisher if I remember)

The Last Guardian - Team Ico

Ori and The Blind Forest - Microsoft + Moon Studios

Roblox - Roblox Team(?) I like Roblox because of the creativity and generally polite players that usually help the clueless(like me haha) Plus it can educate kids how to use Lua and variables + the like.

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I played Doom 4 and eager to play Anthem…
I am very fond off scifi and mecha

Kingdom Come - Deliverance
Interesting game

All of our team member play Call of duty 4 together. We split 2 team for gaming.

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It would be awesome to find a game that everyone is playing and play 5 v 5 with authors


Cs GO? :smiley:


Well I am flexible and play anything despite I am not playing games anymore (waste of time - feeling guilty cuz could make another audiojungle track) :stuck_out_tongue: Just tell me when :slight_smile:


I love to play computer games, but I don’t look for anything in them but to distract my mind from everyday things and working projects. This is a normal practice, especially in our time, when some games look better than the real world. As for motivation, this is not what the game should give you. True, there is an exception, but this is for those who like games such as slots or poker. I love to play poker, but only with my friends, because I don’t look for anything in this game except to see my friends.

I only play destiny 2 in the evenings for a couple of hours, it’s a great way to relax and pump up my reaction. There are a lot of activities, so you will not get bored, besides, it has recently become free, and Donat does not affect anything much ,)

Me Too :v: But I play it ( PUBG Mobile ) on Emulator :tada:

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well now i play “for honor” and GTA5 sometimes))

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