Anyone Notice?

Have any of you noticed the quality of designs that are being accepted into graphicriver?

Not trying to single anyone out but I’ve had better looking designs be rejected for who knows what reason.

Anyways I was away for a few months and came back to see the flyer section full of low quality designs. Sorry if I offend anyone but the marketplace seems to be getting crowded with some horrible work.

Okay, I’m finished :expressionless:

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well i guess u did not see the section closely then … i personally see a great deal of items daily and all i can say is that this category is made of some really huge designers extremely talented and who make incredible flyers. All of us could come here and complain about quality issue and valuing our own items and skills but this is not done (all people could come here and disparage works, even these from the most incredible designers) and the fact of he matter is that , yes , there are some things accepted that should not be, that’s for sure, but this is not a reason to disparage a whole category in which there are real killers who create breathtaking flyers …. let me also remind you that some of the horrible things that u mentioned manage to sell and some have greta sales when much better ones sometimes do not sell … . Finally, i think that this is really not the right time to post something like this, as i tend to believe that the amount of flat or poor things accepted is decreasing if compared with formerly…