Anyone know what this whistle sound is or how to recreate it?

I’ve got a client who heard this song “Time Lapse” by TheFatRat and want a song made with the Whistle sound that you’ll hear playing the melody throughout (starting around 20 seconds)

I’ve tried several things and haven’t really come close enough. Thought I’d reach out and see if anyone had some ideas or if you know if this is from a library or whatever.


Hey there buddy! Check here:

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To my ears, it sounds like it was played ‘live’ with a pitch/modulation wheel. There are comparable lead sounds on the Yamaha and Roland keyboards (JD880) that can be tweaked (from the synth’s knobs) to sound like this.

To recreate, i’d start with a square wave and an overdrive effect with a gated verb for the extra depth. :slight_smile:

I agree with @GeorgioRoss, it’s probably massive or some other instrument + live whistling with modulation wheel …
There’s a couple of cool whistling VST’s.

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The Little Whistler Kontakt instrument from T.D. Samples may be of interest.

In my opinion it does not seem to whistle while the synthetic sounds reworked under the whistle ) :grinning: