Anyone know this track? I'm an idiot..

…didn’t fav it. Tried using soundizer… to no avail. Hoping one of y’all might have come across it…?

Link to preview

Trying one more time! Still can’t find this bugger. Anyone heard it before?

what happened?

I ended up getting in touch with envato support on this… turns out the song was removed and the seller left the marketplace. So I wasn’t actually that big of an idiot… I probably did save the track, it’s just gone now.

So if anyone has any suggestions for similar tracks… let me know?

I heard it before, but can’t recall. Maybe my mysterious track (but it’s a bit slower)?

Hi zaquerie - I have some substitute candidates for you. Hope you find a solution!

@zaquerie if you are still looking for it here is it :smiley: