Anyone know of a Multivendor Joomla or Wordpress theme

Here is a difficult one. I have a customer who is selling retail but not in actual goods. They are selling a gas service where each distributor will have their own zones and they can each log in to the website and check their sales, list their gas prices and print invoices. Each distributor will not know each other.

On the front end of the website a customer selects their service by their “zip / postal code”.
Example, - postal code 99240

Then they would order their gas service and the distributor gets paid.

It also must be Joomla 3 or Wordpress and using Stripe as payment.

If anyone can help point me in the right direction that would be great.

Can VirtuMart do this?

Any recommendations?

You can only make multivendor shop and with some custom code make what you want. There is no multivendor template just plugin and that plugin is not offer all what have you write.
I have made multivedor site with jewelery.
You can see here