Anyone know of a good Wordpress Membership/CRM ?

Hi! I am hoping someone in the Envato community can help me find a CRM/Membership tool that can be integrated into a Wordpress site that allows users to do the following:

  1. Company Membership - sign-up/apply to be a member and pay for a membership through the site.
  2. Individual user profiles can be created and associated with a company member/profile
  3. Ability to lock off content to members only.
  4. Event Calendar:
  • with ticket purchasing options for events and
  • with attendance/member tracking in back-end
  1. Online payments- ability to purchase items (in this case just a book and memberships)
  2. Ability to import members from existing CRM via excel spreadsheet.
  3. Secure and hosted elsewhere by CRM company

If anyone knows of something that meets all or most of the above mentioned items, that’d be a huge help. Please note the items it doesn’t accommodate if you can.

Hey benleoni,
You can check

Happy Wordpressing… :smile: