Anyone in Chaing Mai / Thailand??

Anyone currently in Chiang Mai? Here for another two weeks :smile:

Nope, but when are you coming to Australia?

too bad i am in Bangkok indeed …

wil be back there in the new year, lets grab a beer?

one day, hope to head back to NZ end of next year so will try and get a flight over :slight_smile:

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Should be in the zone next year. May or something. Save me some beer!

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maybe a beer for you then and a sprite or orange juice for me lol

Hey @MSFX, you could try reaching out to some of the peeps with Thailand country badges, see: Have a great trip!! :sunny: :palm_tree:

While I’ve got you n2n44… I’ve been looking into long term rentals of around 6 months in Thailand, and most of the prices I’m seeing at the low end, seem to be around 8,000 to 12,000 a month for a relatively small, relatively new, one bedroom apartment. Maybe as low as 4,000 if I go for an older, smaller bedsit which isn’t in Bangkok.

Does that sound about right? Or seeing these websites are all in English, is that more ‘farang’ prices than Thai prices? I could probably handle 12,000 if that’s what they cost, but just want to make sure I’m not getting ripped off!