Anyone having dribbble invitations?

Anyone having dribbble invitations?

can anyone share one with me please.


Got two available for Visual Designers fitting this description:

There’s too much “fancy design” on Dribbble, where the user interface in the shot is more of an art project than an actual thing you would be able to use ( something accessible ).

Time for a change.

“above all accessible interfaces”

can you elaborate that?

It means designing with accessibility in mind, so everyone can use an interface. For instance, lot’s of design on Dribbble is aimed at people with 20/20 vision and ignores people that are color blind, visually impaired or autistic.

Designing with accessibility in mind also helps people with 20/20 vision, when your standing outside on a sunny day it’s helpful if text is big and contrast is high so you can use a product on your mobile phone.

There’s lot of non-accessible design on Dribbble and it would be nice to balance it a bit.

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