Anyone had issues with stylishthemes

There support is non existent (I have paid for 6 months support), I am among countless others who are experiencing issues registering a theme purchased from them. I wish I had checked their support forum before purchasing as I would have seen all the problems.

Do themeforest have any level of accountability seeing as they are the ones selling the theme on behalf of the author?

This is the theme that I can’t register - it just says the email or purchase code is incorrect and there are at least another 10 people with the same issue and not getting any replies.


Please post a comment here and let them know. Hope @stylishthemes (theme author) will assist you soon:


that’s mate, I posted there a few days ago but still heard nothing.

hope they will reply you soon. in the meantime please make sure you have used the correct purchase code (without any space at he start/end when copy) and use the envato market account email id. Thanks

Still no reply, shocking service from them, requested refund and will be leaving a bad review.