Anyone going to NAB SHOW this year?


Hello there, seeing the list of exhibitors at Nab Show 2016 I saw that Envato will be present there.

So, who here at the community will be there too?

Drop a line, so maybe we can make a Videohive meetup at Nab Show :smiley:


Hey @2DeadFrog!

It looks like we probably won’t be doing an Envato hosted meetup at the event, but if you or someone else is happy to, we’d encourage you to organize one as I’m sure it would be of great value to VideoHivers and other Authors.

I’ll pin this post so we can see if others are interested. Then I can help you guys organize things from this end if you want to go ahead :wink:


Hello there, amazing! I surely want to go ahead.


I’ve been the last 3 years but going to sit out this year. Let me know if you need any advise on events to go to.


Hey butlerm, can you share your experience under the videohive author perspective? Is it positive? Worth the money spent? How was the networking to you? Do you recommend to take the full ‘Post|Production World’ package?

I will thank you very much if you can share your thoughts.



Yes very positive and fun to hang out with a bunch of people in the motion graphics community. First year I was super excited to meet the person that wrote the first bit of After Effects code for the software.

I would highly recommend looking up on the NAB website companies that will be there so you know what booth they are at. The conference is huge so if you don’t know the companies locations ahead of time you may never get to see the booths.

Networking was pretty well, meeting other freelancers, producers and company owners is a thrill but I don’t think I actually got any business because of going. Lot of new friends and contacts and learning though.

I recommend getting just the show room floor ticket. You are able to get a free one online (AEscripts, Toolfarm, Cinema4d all have free tickets available).

Also make sure to go to the after parties, that is where most the fun happens at. Make sure to go to the media motion ball, Cinema 4D party, and try to make the Adobe party.


I’ll be in Vegas in June. More poker related than motion graphics though.


Amazing Butlerm, thank you for your tip. I was in doubt about what kind of ticket get. I will follow your advise.


Booked my flight and hotel yesterday :slight_smile: Ready to attend for the first time ever


Hey everyone! So looks like we will have a couple people attending NAB from Envato (myself included), so keep an eye out for us and stay tuned for more info.

If you’re still considering going to NAB and don’t have your ticket yet, you can follow this link or use our code LV8859 during registration to get a free exhibit hall pass ($150 value). But hurry and sign up by April 1st to avoid any extra processing fees!

Also if you’re interested in getting together while you’re there, you can register your interest here: Details TBA.

And even if you can’t make it, we’ll be starting an official forum thread to keep everyone up to date with all the interesting happenings, insights, and information we can bring back to the community. Stay tuned!